Wednesday, November 22, 2017

No Biggie....

Grey, very muddy and cold enough to plug in the heater for the water trough.

 I waited until Gary's snow blower was delivered (winter tune up)
and finally dragged myself down to Agape.  Had not been there since July 7th
and wondered what I would be able to do.  Managed 21 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on 
the elliptical and a 5 minute cool down on the treadmill.  A lot better than I expected.
 When I got back to the farm,
I cleared out the back porch for the winter, did some laundry and not much else.
They finished doing the corn in the field south of us and because it was so wet
there were gigantic ruts left in it.  So much dirt on the road from all 
their equipment (you can't imagine how many semi truckloads of corn they took out 
of there) I called the state highway department to see if there was anything 
they could do.  They were here within half an hour with three trucks and cleaned it up.

The rest of the day was very quiet.
Night all.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Visions in Red...

One ugmo day.

 I did go out to lunch with a friend and ran a couple of errands....
other than that, I was not too productive.
Gary has been working on painting room number two upstairs.
Such a huge job!  Hopefully it will all be finished before Christmas.

This afternoon I made a new batch of croutons
 which I used in our salad...
 as a side to our chicken soup.
 It tasted great!
 Phoebe and Little Wonder got a taste of the soup too.
 The only siting of the sun was just before dark.
It's not even 6 o'clock and I'm off duty.
Guess I will put on some jams, get out by the fire and start a new book.
 Night all.