Saturday, February 24, 2018


 It was nice to have all that footing in the front paddock when there was ice,
but now it's a mush pit.
Today we were in the 40s and it did not rain, but there were no sun sitings.

 I did leave the farm to go buy a printer that is now functioning.  It is wireless and
I had to jump through some hoops to get it set up.  This new computer is really working out well.  So much faster and the screen makes me feel like I'm at a drive-in movie.

I was given a major load of newspapers this week and spent hours this afternoon shredding.  Enough for 5 bags, which I put in the stalls when it was evening chore time.
 The girl's stalls are beyond fluffy.

 About those leftovers.
Put everything together (from last night's dinner) and popped it in the oven while I was out tucking the girls in.  Perfect timing.
 So delicious.  Yep, there are the bananas.
 Time to get out by the fire.
 Night all.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Get That Grill Goin'

Grey all day.

I guess it has been warm enough for these green things to pop through the dirt.
Always worry what will happen when it snows again.

 Company for dinner tonight, so I started preparing for it this morning.
Organic chicken, onions, pineapples and my own marinade.
 I set the table and cleaned the house after lunch.
 By 3:15 it started to rain and all the girls were under the shed roof
except for Abbe.  She stood out in the downpour and got soaked.
By 3:30 they were tucked in their stalls.

 After a major search I finally found our skewers so I could get the 
shish ke bobs ready for the grill.
 Then I got all the veggies cut for the stir fry dish.
 I tried a new rice today...it was a blend.
Made it like pilaf.
 Then I started the stir fry.
 and finally, snow peas.
 Lori and Ward, our dinner guests, brought a beautiful salad and a bottle of wine.

 After I grilled some of The Breadman's 
roasted red pepper bread, we were ready to eat.
 What a meal!
I forgot to take a photo of our dessert.
Vanilla pudding over bananas topped with slivered almonds and fresh whipped cream.
 Very farmie.
This is the first time we have gotten together for dinner with Lori and Ward and is was an absolute pleasure.  Lots of good conversation.....
It's late.
Night all.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yesterday and Today

 Yesterday morning the sunrise was beautiful and disappeared.
The temperature was in the 60s.

 There was good light in the kitchen before I went out to the barn.

 This is what Abbe looked like...finally dried off so I could remove the mud.

 Before I was finished the sun disappeared, the temperature was dropping quickly 
and it started to rain mid morning.  
 Maggie had rolled in the ditch and was covered with mud so there was no chance for her to be covered with a blanket.  At 10:30 I ended up putting them all back in the barn where the temperature was still 50 degrees.
 Karen let them out for awhile with their blankets back on when she got here to do evening chores. The temperature ended up around 30.  Quite a drop.
That was where my picture taking ended as my new computer had arrived and after getting some excellent directions from Apple Care, the next 10 hours were spent migrating all the stuff from my old computer to the new.
This morning it was more like February...in the low 30s.

 I got back in the house by 9 and spent the next three hours
(with more instruction) getting everything properly set up and working.
What a difference.  Now I have two computers and both have the same info on them.
I'm not sure about what I am going to do with my old one.  
 There are some differences that I will have to get used to.  My old iMac had iPhoto on it and it was very easy to edit photos.  The new one just has Photos and it's going to take awhile for me to figure it out.
Fortunately it did not rain this afternoon and the girls were able to stay outside.

 Company for dinner tomorrow night, so I made a quick trip to Wegmans and bought groceries and tulips for my kitchen table.  This happens every year at this time.

Gary had meetings this morning and a dinner tonight,
so I picked up some sesame chicken and made myself some homemade lomain fo dinner.
 Of course I had a side of bananas.
 Now it's time to go throw more wood on the fire.
Night all.