Hurry Spring!


Monday, March 27, 2017

58 Degrees. The Snow is gone!

 The girls were naked and the rain missed us today.  Yes!

 The "pond" in the big pasture was half the size it was yesterday, but it's going to be awhile before everything dries out.

 Gary spent much of the day cleaning up the area.
Plowing a stone driveway is a pain in the butt, so he had a lot of work to do.
 The entire yard needed raking because of all the branches that blew down during the windstorm and then got covered with a couple feet of snow.

 We cleaned the house after chores as Bobbie, Hanny and Ann were arriving at noon for 
lunch and bridge.
 Gary picked up some tulips for me on his way home from Java.
 Lunch was delicious.
 Syrian Bread, pasta with bacon and caramelized onions tossed 
with a little oil/butter and Romano Cheese.
 A green salad with my new favorite balsamic dressing
 and brownie pie for dessert.
 We jabbered for two full hours before we picked up the cards.
A very relaxing afternoon that ended about 4:30.
 I went outside when they left and raked for awhile.
By then the sun was making an appearance.

 I'm have to do some serious grooming tomorrow morning.

 Things are starting to pop in the gardens.
Could spring really be starting?
Night all.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Reprieve From the Rain....

 I am so glad it didn't rain today!
 The windstorm we had knocked over a dead tree that was in the back pasture.  I have taken so many sunrise photos through it! 
Hopefully Gary will go after it with his chainsaw so we can clean up the area.
 As you can see, there is still a dumpster in the back 40 and I don't think anyone is living in the house yet.  That has turned into one long project.

 Our Sunday jam was fantastic today.  We must have played over 10 songs that
 I have never tried before.
 Several of us want to play more blues so we started off messing around.
Sara accommodated us with this....
She knows so many songs!
Doug, who is a production pro, gave us some very good tips on how to use a microphone correctly.
It really made a difference.

 Tom is a big fan of Eric Clapton and sang Layla.

We have a fundraiser coming up for Jimmy Foote's family on April 9th, so we are working on a lot of songs.
I had to stop at Wegmans on the way home and it was so late I picked up some sesame chicken for me and an $8 meal for Gary.  All I had to do was make some lomain and cooked carrots.

 Hanny, Bobbi and Ann are coming for lunch and bridge tomorrow.
After dinner I made a brownie "pie" for dessert.
 Chore duty tonight.  Still a muddy mess, but so much milder.

 Where's Phoebe?  In the house of course!

Night all.